25 November 2009

I'm still alive (singing)

I've been held back from development for the last 2 weeks due to having to leave the country and go on training, along with having to quickly learn Lua, and the custom libraries required for the application I was trained in.

The arrow indicates the place where I wasn't.

In short, I've been distracted and I haven't had access to a computer for the last week either (well, not one with Flash, nor during the evenings when I wasn't at training). I know, I should have been writing source code on napkins while mumbling to myself in late night diners and scaring off regular companies, but the diners were non-existent and the waitresses working at the non-existent diners kept clearing away my used/written on napkins.

However, I'm back in the game (and pulling poor puns, and even worse, pointing them out) so source code shall pour forth from my fingertips as though taps were clumsily inserted into my hands with sticky tape and wood glue. Demos will rocket through the sky and videos play garish music alongside visuals that won't be anywhere close to the finished game. Much like big software houses.

I'll get something together in the next week or so (I am still horribly busy at work) so it may not be anything that actually works but mere concept images and rambling.

Of course this could all change if somebody decides to front me up some cash for development. 20 bucks should cover me for food and expenses for a year, I don't eat much.

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  1. In the immortal words of the crazy dwarf from the Fast Forward advert.

    "Fastar!" *Whipcrack*